Top 5 Reasons to Start Playing Tennis

It’s still may be cold outside, but you may already be thinking about some fun options to keep your kids active this spring or you may be considering picking up a new skill yourself. When considering a new activity that’s both beneficial to your health and enjoyable, tennis is a perfect contender. Here are five reasons you or your kids should start playing tennis this spring.

  1. Tennis is a great way to exercise. There are dozens of health benefits from playing tennis, both physical and mental. Just to name a few, playing tennis will help build leg strength, increase agility, strengthen bones and burn calories. For maximum physical benefits it’s important that you’re using the best tennis rackets suited for your body. Plus, tennis has been shown to increase brain function and ability.
  2. You learn sportsmanship and teamwork. Tennis presents a learning opportunity, for children and adults, to take part in aRDU Tennis, Tennis Classes/Camp in Raleigh, NC competitive sport in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Playing doubles will also require communication and working together with your teammate.
  3. Tennis is a social sport. It’s an easy way to meet new people and gives you a fun activity to participate in together.
  4. It can provide opportunities for your future. Beyond just meeting new people, you may find that playing tennis opens doors in the business world. When networking with other professionals, playing tennis gives you common ground and an occasion to get to know the other person better.
  5. It’s fun!  You can’t deny the enjoyment that comes from playing a sport with another person. You’ll likely forget you are even exercising while you do it!

Now that you’ve heard some of the great benefits that come from playing tennis, you may be wondering how to get involved. RDU Tennis clinics are a perfect place to start! We host dozens and clinics and classes all over North Carolina.

Our clinics are open to the public and are specifically geared towards beginner and intermediate players. The goal is to give new players a place to learn the game where they feel comfortable and not intimated by more experienced players.

RDU Tennis offers one-hour weekly clinics that last for eight weeks and are open to both children and adults. We also hold track-out camps during the week for students in year-round schools in Wake and Durham County.

We have more than 30 locations across the state and are adding new ones all the time, so visit to find a clinic or camp near you. Camps and clinics start mid-March, but dates and times also vary by location.