What is Quickstart Tennis?

RDUTennis offers Quickstart Tennis training at most locations.   Email brian@rdutennis.net/dev to learn more about this tennis dynamic, alongside which RDUTennis locations offer this service.

About QuickStart Tennis

QuickStart Tennis is an innovative new play format that will help to get more children 10 years of age and under into the game.

QuickStart Tennis appropriately scales down all aspects of regulation tennis—including equipment, court dimensions, and scoring—so that the game becomes specifically tailored to their age and size.

The format is broken out into two age groupings, for children ages 10-under and for those who are 8-under, similar to models used successfully in other youth sports (such as youth baseball).

Children eight and under will play on a 36’ x 18’ court, with the length of the court equaling the width of a regulation tennis court. Racquets will be up to 23” in size, making them easier to control than larger-sized racquets.

The balls, either a foam ball or a very low compression ball, will also match the abilities of the child, bouncing lower and traveling less distance. This will enable the child to have proper swing technique, with the ball bouncing into their “comfort zones.”

-Courtesy of USTA.com and NCTennis.com