Covid 19 Camp Updates

1) Parents will need to fill out two release forms: a Covid19 and standard RDUTennis form. To avoid exchanging paperwork, we ask that they are scanned and emailed back prior to camp. Please let us know if this isn’t possible.

2) Campers are not required to wear masks. We encourage parents to approach our staff in masks to chat, as staff will be wearing a mask during pick-up and drop-off procedures. Staff is not required to wear a mask during coaching with the heat and the ability to stand 6 ft+ apart from campers.

3) If your child feels any symptoms of Covid19 or any other illness, please do not bring them to camp that day and for the remainder of the week. You will be issued a prorated credit with no expiration date.

4) Please pack snacks and a cooler with enough space to hold ice packs and enough water/sports drinks for the entire half-day camp dynamic. Water coolers provided by the club will not be available under the current phase 2 of reopening. We will have a 30-45 minute snack/rest break on the courts and in shaded areas while maintaining social distancing measures.

5) Staff will be using spray hand sanitizer purchased at Top Of The Hill Distillery frequently during camp. We will spray children’s hands from a distance before snack and at any time they desire. If you prefer a different hand sanitizer, please pack some for your child.

6) We will do our best to police social distancing measures and not permit campers to pick up tennis balls. Our staff will pick up tennis balls at all times.